The Rock Point Advantage


We know what you’re going through

At Rock Point Real Estate, we understand what you need as a rental property owner since our company was founded by investors who own rental properties and who know what an owner expects from a manager. Years ago we had no luck finding a management company that we could count on to care for our rentals like we as owners would. So we decided it was time to fill a need in the marketplace and we started our own management firm!

Our unmatched, real-world experience

Since then we’ve worked tirelessly with the aim of becoming residential management experts. Our team has managed 1,500 rental units, from single family homes to apartment properties. In the process we’ve tested and perfected the management systems and staffing plans required to effectively oversee all types of residential real estate assets.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

We believe in succeeding in business and making money, but if you want to understand the priorities that deeply motivate our approach to our work, then take a look at our company’s statement of vision, mission, and core values.

Your peace of mind

Our clients have been able to rest easy and enjoy their investments–and their profits–by leaving the management headaches to us. As we continue to write our story, we’d be honored to have a place in your story, too. We know your property is a valued investment, and we want you to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the management challenges.



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