Your sales listing just won’t sell?
Make money coming and going anyway!

Get a referral fee when making us your partner for leasing and managing a home that won’t sell.

Then earn your sales commission later when you re-list the house and it does sell.


The leasing solution is good for everybody:

  • You get paid something now: a $250 referral fee when the property is leased. We don’t think you’ll find a higher referral fee anywhere!
  • Your owner gets paid something now. The rent can pay her mortgage (and maybe more) while she waits for the market to improve.
  • You make your client happy now.
  • You get to keep your client. We sign an agreement with you stating that we will not enter into a sales listing agreement with your client within the next three years. After a year-long lease terminates you can re-list the house for sale.
  • It costs you nothing. We charge you no referral fees when we turn the client back over to you to list the house for sale.
  • You prove that you are the agent who does whatever it takes to satisfy your clients.!

For details about our referral program please give us a call at 423-752-0709 or contact us here



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