Move Out Instructions

Please review the instructions below to help ensure your move goes smoothly.

Give Notice 

You are required to give us written notice at least 30 days before moving out, as stated in your lease agreement. Your written notice may be mailed, emailed, submitted through your resident portal or through our website. The notice must include your name, address and move out date. 


All utilities must remain in your name until the date specified as your move-out date in your written notice, even if you move out before that date.


As stated in your lease agreement, you are required to remove all belongings and trash from the property and clean it thoroughly. Failure to do so will result in charges being added to your account to cover the cost of cleaning.  

The property will not be considered clean unless the following are done:

  • Kitchen:

    • Clean the refrigerator inside and out, including all shelves, crisper, and the foot guard.
    • Clean the stovetop and oven inside and out, including broiler pan, burners or coils,  and drip pans. 
    • Clean the range hood and wash the metal filter.
    • Clean the dishwasher inside and out, including the dish racks and silverware basket.
    • Clean the microwave inside and out, including the cooking tray and underneath it.
    • Scrub sink thoroughly.
    • Empty all shelves and cabinets. Clean thoroughly, including drawer interiors and door handles.
    • Wipe spills from walls and around outlets. Clean outlet plates.
    • Clean countertops.
    • Clean light fixtures/covers, they should be dust-free.
    • Sweep and mop floors.  
  • Bathroom(s):

    • Clean tub/shower, this includes removing all soap and water residue.
    • Clean the toilet inside and out.
    • Clean the sink, countertop, vanity and medicine cabinets.
    • Clean mirror.
    • Clean light fixture/cover and fan vent; they should be dust-free.
    • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Living Room / Dining Room / Family Room / Bedrooms / Hallways:

    • Clean baseboards, door frames, walls and switch plates, removing fingerprints and other marks. 
    • Remove any picture hangers, nails or stick-on picture hangers from walls.
    • Clean window blinds.
    • Clean window sills, windows, and screens. 
    • Clean furnace and air conditioner return air grille (where the filter goes).
    • Remove any cobwebs.
    • Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans, they should be dust-free. Make sure all bulbs are operational.
  • Carport / Garage / Porches / Patios / Decks:

    • Patios/Decks cleaned and swept.
    • Clean and sweep carport or garage floor.
    • Remove any oil spills.
    • Clean any storage closets or compartments.
    • Remove cobwebs.


All door keys, mailbox keys and garage door openers must be returned to our office at the time of move out. You are not considered moved out until the keys have been returned to our office and you will be charged rent until then. If you leave keys in the house instead of returning them to our office you will be charged rent until our staff is able to verify that the house is vacant and retrieve the keys.

Forwarding Address

You must provide us with a forwarding address at the time of move out so that we know where to mail any security deposit refund that may be due.  

Security Deposit

After you have vacated the residence, the property will be inspected by our staff. Costs for cleaning or repairing damage beyond normal wear and tear, if any, will be charged against your security deposit, along with any rent due. Your security deposit, minus any deductions, and a final account statement will be mailed to the forwarding address you provided within 30 days of move out.



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