Solving the Puzzle of Property Management


Do you know that feeling when you dump a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle onto the table? You’re overwhelmed by the task of sorting out all those pieces. Each one is important, and none can be neglected if you’re going to succeed in the mission of duplicating the picture on the box cover. But where to start?!

Managing rental properties is like that. There are seemingly hundreds of details to consider, and to succeed in the mission of making real estate investments profitable you can’t neglect any of them. But where to start?! It can be overwhelming.

The aim of this blog is to help both property owners and property managers by putting all the pieces in place. We’ll pick up each piece of the property management puzzle, examine it, and set it in its proper relationship with all the other pieces. Property selection, preparing the property to rent, finding the right tenants, corrective maintenance vs. preventive maintenance, the finances of rental properties, staying on the right side of landlord/tenant laws—these are just a few of the topics we’ll address in blog posts to come.

Yes, handling the details can be overwhelming, but it helps to step back and consider the big picture of which all those details are a part. So our first series of posts will take the complexity of rental property management and break it down into its five basic elements.

Coming soon: Five Easy Pieces: The Big Picture of Property Management



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